In Christ, At Philippi

Philippians 1:1–2

Sermon Preview

This Sunday, we start our new sermon series through the book of Philippians. I am eager to study this book with you! Paul and Timothy wrote the letter “to all the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi.” (1:2). On Sunday, we’ll look at the book as a whole through the lens of “in Christ, at Philippi.”

You see, Paul recognized that the Philippians (like us!) held dual status: residents in the fallen world (at Philippi), but citizens of heaven (in Christ). This dual status created tension as the Philippians faced opposition from outside the church and struggled to get along with one another inside the church. All of this struggle and hardship began to diminish the joy they once had in Christ. They became weary and discouraged. Sound familiar?

Just like the Philippians, we are “in Christ at Philippi”. And just like the Philippians, we feel the tension this creates around us. We know Jesus is coming soon, but soon feels so far away. We know we’re called to stir one another up to love and good works, but we’re so easily distracted by life. We know we’re called to love our neighbor, but it’s really annoying that their yard is so messy. We know we’re called to make disciples, but life feels so tiring and we don’t have any energy to spare. The weariness and discouragement of living “at Philippi” threatens our joy.

But this is why this letter is so important for us (just as it was for the Philippians). Because through this letter, Paul will show us how we can live joy-filled, Christ-exalting lives “at Philippi.” And the answer is found “in Christ.” Join us this weekend at 10am at the Skyline Plaza as we gather to see how our citizenship in heaven brings us joy and keeps us standing firm on this earth as we await Christ’s return.

Sunday Music